Ignacio BazanLazcano

conceptroot Based in Capital Federal, Ignacio BazanLazcano is a Professional Concept Artists for over 10 years.
Projects Ignacio BazanLazcano has worked on include: movile games Gameloft, Section 8, Section 8 Prejudice, Aliens Colonial marines, War hammer invasion,


Andree Wallin

conceptroot Andrée Wallin is a Concept / Production Artist and Matte painter.28 years old and lives and works in Sweden, Andrée Wallin started doing commissioned work in 2006 and was able to make it a full-time profession in 2008. Since then


Yang Qi

conceptroot Yang Qi is a Concept Artist based in Shenzhen, China.


Thomas Scholes

conceptroot Halo 4 and Guild wars 2 artist Thomas Scholes is a Freelance Concept Artist specializing in environments. Thomas Scholes is passionate about the untapped potential of digital art and interactive entertainment, and is deeply interested in the growth of bot


Marek Okon

conceptroot Marek Okon is a Concept Artist in the Movie and Games industry. based in Poland, Marek Okon has worked on a number of Top Projects creating Concept Art for features such as: The Last of Us by Naughty Dog, Crysis 3 by Crytek, Warner Bros, Legendary Picture


Tae young Choi

conceptroot Tae Young Choi is a Concept Artist in the Games Industry at Blizzard Entertainment, Previously at Midway. Born in Korea, Tae Young Choi dreamed of becoming a comic book artist. With a degree in fine art, his work was exhibited in several galleries in Kore


Nicolas Ferrand

conceptroot Nicolas Ferrand has been an active concept designer in the gaming industry since 1999. Born in France, he now lives in Montreal canada.
He has contributed to the development of several AAA released games: Splinter cell 2, Ghost recon 2 for Ubisoft paris


Marc Sasso

conceptroot Marc Sasso is an Illustrator in Valhalla, NYC USA.

Marc Sasso has over twenty years of experience in illustration and design. After graduating art school he began his career as a designer in the film industry working for NYC’s prestigious visua